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Fish Glue is natural glue made of fish skin, consisting of pure collagen. The processing is similar to the production of fish gelatine, using the same high quality raw materials. It is employed in the same way as cold-setting adhesives, but has the excellent characteristics of hot glue, becomes very hard and is easily dissolved making it ideal for parts that periodically need re-gluing due to wear, e.g. key-bushings. In pianos it is used for soundboard repair and general wood joints.

Materials: wood, felt, leather, cork, paper, rubber, glass
Shear strength on wood 50%: ca 3200 PSI ˜ 21 N/mm²
End hardening time: 12 to 24 hours
Open time: 1.5 to 2 hours
Initial tack: after ca 1 minute
Bond is stable between --34°C and +260°C
Can be dissolved with hot steam
Owing to the varying absorption properties of materials and room temperatures, we can accept no liability for these specifications.

Safety advice:
Rinse with water if there has been eye contact
In case of skin contact, wash off with warm water and soap
Biodegradable, ph value 5.4

Not classified as dangerous material
Can be transported without harm up to minus 10°C
Minimum durability: 3 years after leaving factory


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